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November, 2016


Scott Vadakin - Lieutenant

Stas Kovaljov - Engineer

Aaron Schissler - Engineer

Please congratulate these individuals the next time you see them!

March, 2016


              Dave Rosier - Lieutenant

              Adam Fearn - Lieutenant

              Rob Krechter - Engineer

 Josh Lybarger– Engineer

Please congratulate these individuals the next time you see them!

2014 Thornton Fire Department Awards

January 23, 2015

The Thornton Fire Department’s Annual Award Ceremony was held on Friday and was a big success with more than 160 in attendance to recognize many deserving individuals!  Below is a list of individuals, crews, and teams that received awards.  Also, a special thank you to the Awards Committee and the staff (Sabrina, Laurie, Maria, and Holly) for all of their hard work before and during the event!


Rusty Richardson – Captain

              Todd Selby – Captain

              Bret Wentworth - Lieutenant

              Alex Boday – Lieutenant

              Roy Girton - Lieutenant

Adam Fearn – Engineer

Tony Baltz – Paramedic

Sean Van Houten -  Paramedic

John Mahan – Paramedic

              Dan Biro – Fire Protection Engineer II


              Chris Casillas – Chaplin

              Tim Tutton – Chaplin

              Jason Walker - Chaplin


Employee of the Year:

Jake Hiebert - for work on the specification, manufacturing inspections, and up-fitting/fabrications of the new engine and medic units (including the change for one to have bariatric capabilities), QA/QI member, paramedic preceptor, Fire Group member.

Team of the Year:

The TFD Wildland Team (Jason Hollands, Perry Otero, Pete Henderson, Tony Baltz, Thomas Kapaun, Matt Cokewell, Aaron Banks) - for their work to create the new team including the application and certification process with the State, generating the specs and up-fitting of the Type 6, and taking the courses necessary to be a deployable team.  

Firefighter of the Year:

Matt Cokewell – for his dedication to improving the Department through teaching courses in forcible entry (including “through-the-lock” to the NAFA) as well as designing realistic training props, serving as an instructor for the Citizen and Cadet academies, participating in the Wildland Team and being the first deployed member, researching the REX tool and creating the subsequent training video, and working on the hose management committee while serving as a positive role model for junior firefighters to emulate.

Dispatcher of the Year:

Ken Green – for his expertise, teamwork, and leadership.  He serves as a CPR instructor, is the dispatch liaison to fire department, worked on the MDT policy for fire, trains new dispatchers on metro strike team call-out procedures, and maintains a professional customer service attitude for both internal and external stakeholders alike.

Lifesaving Award:

               Brendon Hill (2nd), Ed Nies (3rd), Heather Weissinger (3rd), Matt Cokewell (1st) – for efforts on December 20, 2014 when responding to an 61 year old male in cardiac arrest

               Brent Burke (2nd), Craig Stewart (5th), Don Morrison (2nd), James Bresnahan (1st), Josh Fritts (2nd) – for efforts on January 13, 2014 when responding to a 43 year old male in cardiac arrest

James Abke (2nd), Jon Bailey (1st), Matt Varner (1st), John Zink (1st), Chris Spahn (2nd) – for efforts on September 12, 2014, when responding to a 18 year old male party in respiratory arrest

              Tim Hemerley (2nd) – for efforts on March 5, 2014, when responding to a 62 year old male in cardiac arrest

               James Abke (3rd), Matthew Kehoe (2nd), Rob Krechter (5th), Sean Van Houten (5th) – for efforts on December 10, 2014, when responding to a 1 year old male in cardiac arrest from drowning

Distinguished Service:

Lee Whitner – for active shooter procedure and the associated training with TPD both internally and at Operation Mountain Sync

              Roy Girton - for his work as a cadre instructor with the North Area Fire Academy in 2014

Rob Backer – implementation of the MDTs and the associated procedure

Michael Railsback - for his work on the technical rescue trailer and maintenance of the equipment, participation and instruction at technical rescue training and courses.  

Steve Kelley and Todd Selby – the research and development of the 2014 Station Location Study

Meritorious Service:

              Bob Matoba, Todd Selby, Andrew Monnin – for active shooter training

Perry Otero – CDFPC Disease Prevention and Safety Grant

Don Morrison – bodywork and paint of apparatus

Gary Hobbs – coordination of the NATRT Academy

Gary Wilmes and Ed Nies – stewardship of the Chaplain program

Gary Hobbs, Scott Vadakin, Thomas Kapaun, Gerald Magness, Josh Lybarger, Chad Hestermann, Matt Cokewell, Rusty Richardson – hose management instruction

Commendable Service (Chief’s) Award:

               Commander Bella and Officer Wilson – active shooter protocols and training

              Rusty Richardson – lead Cadre instructor for NAFA in 2014

              Steve Kelley – 2015 Budget and process

Certificate of Achievement:

Gary Wilmes and Staff Sergeant Vermilye – Day of Remembrance Ceremony (9-11)

Unit Citation:

               Station 75 A-shift: Pekel Prop

Station 75 C-shift: Pittsburgh Drill Prop

9-1-1 Emergency Communication Center: espirit de corps during the 2014 staffing issues.

Special Recognition:

              Gerry LaMothe – volunteer work for the department

              Dr. Dave Friedenson and Erin Selby – EMS direction and instruction for the department

Service Awards:

                35 Years – Gary Wilmes

                30 Years – John Zink

15 Years – JJ Johnson, Rusty Richardson

10 Years – Alex Boday, Rick Gaddis, Roy Girton, Theo Gonzales, Dave Gregory, Brendon Hill, Jason Hollands, Steve Kelley, Robert Krechter, Robert Martinez, Perry Otero, Todd Selby, Lee Whitner,

                    Randy Wichterman, Rob Backer, Nate Kamin

   5 Years -  Bob Matoba, Thomas Kapaun, Steve Watne, Robert Zepp





City of Thornton 2012 Demographics



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Mar 16, 2016

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